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Bagel Dock Express: Your Next Breakfast Obsession

Bagel Dock Express, rooted in the tradition of New York-style bagels and delicatessen, offers a time-tested concept, product, and experience that evokes the authentic essence of a New York bagel. As you step into a Bagel Dock Express store each morning, the enticing aroma of freshly baked bagels and locally roasted coffee immediately greets your senses. Every Bagel Dock Express location prepares the dough from scratch and bakes the bagels on-site daily, ensuring a culinary experience like no other. We crack every egg to order and craft all our delicious flavored cream cheeses on-site, guaranteeing the perfect start to your morning.

The Beginning of Bagel Dock Express

In 2021, our founders acquired a small bagel shop in a coastal NC town. Driven by a shared vision of growth, exemplary customer service, and a passion for the bagel industry, they initiated plans to establish their own custom bagel bakery and open a second storefront. Fueled by a dedication to the authentic craft of bagel-making and profound gratitude for our customers, Bagel Dock Express has swiftly become a local favorite, a haven for food enthusiasts, and a brand now associated with fresh dough, freshly baked bagels, and culinary excellence.

Meet the Founders,
Jesse & Nazira

Bagel Dock Express’s founders, Nazira and Jesse, had accumulated years of experience in the food industry, self-employment, and corporate non-profits. Through successes and setbacks, they reached a familiar crossroads encountered by many entrepreneurs: the decision between working for others and owning their own business. Fresh from their latest endeavor, the family relocated from Massachusetts to North Carolina, seizing the opportunity to acquire a bagel shop amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Today, they take pride in their thriving establishments, an expanding brand, and their commitment to bringing the art of traditional bagel making to storefronts nationwide.

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